Monday, April 27, 2009

Out of my System

Sore throat, cough, sneezing <-- definitely the swine flu.

Yeah, not really. Although I am going to NYC on Saturday, so who knows?

I was actually going to write something, but am now too tired. I really am sick. Poor me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Someone Stop Me Now

I used to make such shockingly long posts - what happened?*

Anyways, I was reading an entry from near the end of the spring semester last year in which I had just completed my last paper of the semester. The thought makes me drool. O_0

So, I present accordingly:

4/22 - 2 3-4 page papers, 1 1 page (single-spaced) due
4/24 - 1 1 page (single-spaced) due
4/27 - 1 1 page (single-spaced) due
4/28 - 1 1 page (single-spaced), 1 5-6 page due
4/29 - 1 7-8 page (rough draft), maybe 1 1 page (single-spaced) due
4/30 - 1 1 page (single-spaced) due
05/4 - 1 7-8 page (final) due
05/5 - 1 1 page (single-spaced) due
5/12 - 1 portfolio (~15 pages -most of it's already written) due

So, 11-12 papers due in the 2 1/2 weeks of class left. That is absolutely amazing/ridiculous.

*According to Dr. Downing's class, my dash usage there was punctuationally (<--not a word) incorrect, but I say personality and style trump punctuation in some cases.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long long ago

Also, I was just looking back on this entry when I was reading Northanger Abbey. Those good old days when I had free time.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

i can haz sleep plz? kthx

I'm tiiiiireeeeed. You know exactly the tone in which that was meant to be said.

Spending the day in Philly is great, but it makes for total and complete exhaustion.

I'm pretty ready for this semester to be over. (But not really because some very dear friends are graduating) This semester has been pretty crazy in multiple ways - academically, emotionally, work-fully...??

Currently I am not allowed to go to bed because my roommate's boyfriend is over...he's watching her play minesweeper...such wonderful relationship-developing activities...totally worth less sleep...

Dear blog/internet, I feel guilty for not writing coherent entries in a while. But all my coherency (is that a word?it is now.) is needed elsewhere right now - and sometimes there's not enough to go around.

I'm so brain dead. But I just keep writing because I can't sleeeep! It's not fair!

Just know that right now I really don't realize how whiny this will look once posted - it seems perfectly legitimate to me. 12 minutes until he has to leave...

Ok, just in case either of them read this, I don't hate them. Really. And I made my protest known before he got here and as soon as he walked in. So I'm not just complaining here. Trust me, they know how grouchy I am right now.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Read it.

This is a great speech.

I forgot to mention that today I taught my brother how to drive stick shift. Woohoo!

Hallo the House!

I'm still alive. Also I'm at home for Easter. Also, I have possibly 10 papers due between now and the end of the semester - totally not an exaggearation.*

*originally a typo, but left intact, because I enjoy saying it that way. pronounce the vowels individually, not together like 'ear'

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just have to get this down before I forget it...

I think I know why the elusive connection between history and literature fascinates me. I wrote a paper last semester on the development of Nathaniel Hawthorne's conception of romanticism and the role of the author/narrator in the novel and in that genre in particular. It was part psychology, part literary analysis, part history, part knowing what to look for in the many, many wonderful pages of text I read. It's almost like my own brand of archaeology: I read letters he wrote, letters written about him, researched historical developments of the time and then read three novels he published over three years, back to back, and tried to see where all those pieces fit together.

I must say it is extremely presumptuous to say that I have my own brand of archaeology - that no one in the world has thought of it before and that I have really invented anything new. On the contrary, I'm sure one day in the future I will crack open a book of literary criticism or history, read a few lines and shout, "That's it! My idea! They stole it!" Of course no one will listen to me, the short girl who tries to write a few lines every once in a while. But I will know. Deep down in the part of me that I will never discover maybe ever, even in eternity, only I will know what it feels like to make the connection between history and story, between thought and page and between author and reader.

Hello There

Boy, do I have some complaining/talking/reacquainting to do!

See, here's the thing - the longer I go without blogging, the harder it is to start again (that is unless it's a really, really long time; then I can just start over). Everytime I come up with an idea for an entry, I think, "No that's way too long ago. Try again." In the meantime, the date on my last post is growing farther and farther away! It's a vicious cycle!

It is my fault entirely that I have not spoken in a while, and I beg you to forgive me. If, however, you desperately need someone to blame, I can quite easily provide you with the names and addresses of the culprits.

Big-time criminal #1: The Vlogbrothers
...especially this one

Big-time criminal #2: Messiah College. That's right, the entire institution. Or at least the School of Humanities. I would name professors, but who knows who reads this thing? But please, never EVER let me be involved in three departments at once. It's insanity, so hold me back, Internet!

Big-time criminal #3: Daylight Savings Time. You all know what I mean.

So yes, I have more to write about, but my roommate just pointed out that I have an 8AM class tomorrow and I am online right now...Good night!