Friday, October 16, 2009

Nobody knows...

Internet, you must rescue me.

Seriously, I'm in trouble. I think I'm about to spend the second Friday night in a row not partying with my many friends, not participating in any Centennial Homecoming events, but watching The Office. My roommate Lauren and I watched season 2 (yes, all of it) last Friday, and we are currently on the second disc of season 3, which is my favorite. This does not bode well for me.

Anyways, I have a lot of news for you. A lot mostly because, I admit, I have severely neglected you, Internet. Apologies.

So, a quick rundown of my life. Junior year now. Doing pretty much everything I possibly can fit into my schedule - history, English, working at the Writing Center, props for Comedy of Errors. A lot. But that's the way I work best, so it's ok!

Its a rainy day here in Grantham, and it's as close to snow as possible. Friday tends to be my theatre day, which means I've walked three times in the rain down to Climenhaga. I am officially frozen (still, three hours after I got back). I absolutely refuse to spend another day or another semester with frozen feet and legs. It's time to invest in some Wal-Mart rain boots.

A lot of what I'm studying right now has to do with historical methodology (how to be a historian), so I'm sure that you don't want to hear about that, but I think I'm learning some really great things. I have noticed that I am much more conscious of my writing process (I'll explain what that means in a minute, so don't worry), probably because of working at the Writing Center. Before I started working there, I usually just spilled words onto the page and sometimes they combined in good ways, but sometimes they were just absolutely horrible. Now though, I spend 10 hours a week dissecting other people's writing and helping them understand how to improve. Now when I write, I catch myself doing the same things our clients do and I can correct it before (usually the best time) I turn in the paper. Now that discussion was not to illuminate how wonderful a writer I am, because, Internet, I'm sure that is already obvious from what you've read so far. Writing can be a very stressful, scary process, especially if you don't really understand how it works. Since beginning work at the Writing Center, my self-consciousness as a writer has increased tremendously, meaning that writing papers is significantly less scary and that I want to do it more! Yay for more writing!

Before you get your hopes up, though, that does not mean that I will return to my frequent-posting-habits of yore. Just to make sure you know, because I definitely haven't complained enough in this post, I am taking 17 hours of credit, plus working around 13 hours a week and doing props for Comedy of Errors. Let me pass this semester, figure out grad school (How about Loyola? Tell me what you think, Internet), get to Oxford (did I mention that I'm going to Oxford next semester?) and I'll try and keep you updated along the way.

I do have just enough time, however, to tell you what I'm doing next. I am going to sleep. See you...Friday? Let's try that. Until then!