Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Also, the Phillies won the World Series!!!

I do not, however, have a costume. Nor did I go to the celebration parade downtown today. I had class. Today Elijah Anderson is speaking on his book Code of the Streets, which all the Messiah students in Philadelphia were supposed to read. So I'm sort of killing time until dinner by watching the third season of The Office. :D Also, less than 24 hours until my mom comes to visit. Yay!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So the past month, really the past two weeks, have been absolutely insane. Seriously. I'm still in the middle of midterms, but what is worse than midterms is the frenzy before midterms. Because for some reason professors think it's okay to assign papers a week before the exam. A week before the exam! I haven't been to lecture in one class for two weeks, just so I can get all the reading done for all my other classes. Sorry, US Survey, unfortunately due to your GEC status, you're the first thing on my list to get cut.

In any case, I spent this weekend with some friends. I was expecting to not do any homework and come back more stressed than ever, but I hadn't seen them since May, so it needed to be done. However, it was a very refreshing time. I actually did some reading (Henry IV), but I didn't stress about it, and I had fun just generally wandering around. It was so good to be able to be with them again, after a summer and half a semester out of their lives. It made me look forward to going back to main campus in the spring.

So, things in Philadelphia are slowly getting better and less hectic. Or rather, I find myself slowly realizing that I can, in fact, do the hectic double major thing. When I added English, I didn't quite grasp how much reading I was condemning myself to, particularly when paired with History. This semester I've been a little overwhelmed. But at the same time, I know that I made the right decision. Never once has there been a doubt in my mind that I'm supposed to be studying literature and history. It fits me, and that is a very satisfying thought.

Three things I have discovered recently:
1) Transitioning from the city to a rural campus will be much more difficult than I anticipated.
2) As stated above, I can do this crazy college life. (there's been some doubt)
3) The heater behind my desk makes a nice place for my feet to rest.

On that toasty note, I must return to The Faerie Queene, although on a side note, the further I get into the story, the more disappointed I am that the Monty Python boys did not take advantage of this plot(s). One character, Florimell, does nothing but scream and run from both real and imaginary foes through several books and cantos. Such a missed opportunity.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Amen for Weekends!

Um, wow. I did not know that so much stress and tiredness could be crammed into one week. Really. I don't mean to whine, but what a crappy week. First off, I didn't get my weekend sleep because I was at my grandparents' house, and there were multiple family issues to be dealt with. Also, it's ridiculously hard to do homework at their house. So, I started the week exhausted with no homework done. So I have spent the whole week trying to catch up on homework and sleep, rather unsuccessfully until today. Also, either fall allergies or a horrendous cold decided to kick in around Wednesday. Enough.

Now, I have reason to celebrate. It is Grantham's fall break, and four of my friends (all whom I love dearly) decided to come visit me! Yay! I can't wait for them to get here.

Also, there is a gospel concert tonight, organized by my friend Calvin, and it should be a very refreshing worship experience.