Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ohh the boredom

So, once again, school is calling my name. This time, however, I am determinedly ignoring that call. I have my first paper to write, and I really don't want to. Unfortunately, I am also not in the mood for the topic I was last writing about. It's just been kind of a blah weekend, I guess.

Ummm, sorry, this is a boring post.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Started

School. It's finally started. And you know what I mean too. It's the point when all the classes have everything due at once, whether it be readings, papers, or projects. It's the point when I think, "When will this be over?" but also the point that I live for. <--blatant copyright infringement of a particular commercial, you get to guess who :)

So yeah, life has been going pretty well. I got out of the city for the weekend; I stayed at my uncle's house north of Philly, and may I say it was very interesting. Already I could tell how much I had adjusted to city life. It felt weird not to shove my bag out of sight or put THE CLUB on the steering wheel when I got out of the car.

I was offended when, in a song powerpoint in church, they had a picture of a crowded subway behind lyrics that went something like, "This world is a dangerous place" etc, and they had rolling meadows and peaceful oceans behind the lyrics, "God, you're always there." Can't you find God in the city? I have encountered God in ways that I'm sure many people from the suburbs could not imagine.

Please don't misunderstand me. I grew up in the suburbs, and half my extended family lives in basic wilderness. God is completely there. But I think there are prevailing rumors, for lack of a better term, about the city that are completely false. One that I completely subscribed to is the idea that you can't find a theologically sound church in the city. The reason so many Christians think God isn't in the city is because he looks so different here. Because of where they live and what they have to deal with, Christians who may have the exact same theology as you manifest it in an entirely different way.

And now I've gotten myself into a whole world of trouble. School is calling my name. I will post now, with a very incomplete post, and hopefully return, if not tonight, tomorrow and finish my thoughts. Until then!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Because it is Sunday night, I am sure that pretty much every college student is now doing what I am doing. Procrastinating over the homework that is due tomorrow morning. However, I will stop procrastinating after I announce to you this glorious fact. My wireless internet now works!! Huzzah!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't Get Too Excited

I don't want you to get used to this post every other day now. I'm still waiting for classes to get rolling, and I find myself watching lots of youtube.

I guess I've realized what an idiot I can be sometimes. I was so excited about living in Philly (still am, trust me), and I was making all of these plans (again, still am), that I was a little taken aback when I felt homesick for Messiah. I miss my friends most of all. Also, the tiny (HUGE) part of me that is a dork misses my professors. I had worked out their quirks and I understood their senses of humor. Then I got an email today from the lady who works out internships in Philly reminding me to pray about next semester, because I had told her I definitely wanted to stay in Philly. It was sad how surprised I was at that. "Wait, pray? Oh yeah, there's that whole thing about asking God what he wants me to do. Oops." So today I just got a tap on the shoulder, reminding me that actually, my life isn't all about me (surprising, isn't it?).

Anyways, the thing about the beginning of school is that it's boring. First you have to go through all the syllabi, and then, especially if it's a gen-ed history class, you have to get past all the introductory stuff, which is double boring, especially for majors. Plus, right off the bat, one class today was cancelled and one tomorrow is too, so I have a whole three classes in two days.

I know, I know, two days ago I was whining about how crazy things were, and how I couldn't wait for things to slow down, but can't I change my mind? Besides, subconsciously, I think I was longing for a different kind of crazy, not a lack of it altogether. I'm sure in a month when I have three papers and a midterm all due on the same day I will retract that statement. But for now it's how I feel. Also, I'm on call this weekend, which means I can't leave campus = more boredom. Huzzah.

So as not to leave on such a whiny note (at least I'm admitting I'm a brat), I just bought Beyonce's Irreplaceable on iTunes! I love that song for some reason I haven't actually thought about yet.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Generic Title

I never know what to title these posts, but I always feel like I have to, because I hate when the text from the post turns into the title.

Now that my compulsive statement of the day is taken care of, an update. First day of classes today!! Despite the great time I had with the student life staff last week, I have been looking forward to this day for quite a while, for one particular reason: I will be less busy. Please, take a moment and consider the logic of what I just said. It truly boggles the mind.

For some reason I always seem to get the obligatory classes on Tuesday Thursday, and the truly enjoyable ones Monday Wednesday Friday. Today was pretty good. My urban theology prof is (no other description is possible here) an adorable grandpa, but the Force tells me that he is also a genius. The class promises to be a lot of work, but also very interesting. Saturday we are taking a trip all the way down Germantown Pike in order to see how the neighborhoods change. Exciting, no?

Also, 19th century American Fiction was interesting. Before the class started I had a very weird moment, because it is located on the 11th floor of one of the buildings. I looked out the window and saw the skyline of Philadelphia and thought, "Am I really here?? How did this happen to me?" It just served to remind me that you really never know what God has in store for you.

Anyways, the classis taught by a Temple grad student who informed us with a straight face that if we were planning on using SparkNotes at all, we should just get out. Perfectly understandable, of course, and the expression of disgust on his face made the English/history snob in me very happy.

The reason that I call these two classes obligatory is not because I think they will be boring. It's just that I do have to take them, and there are many other classes I would rather take...such as World War II which starts tomorrow!!!!!! Strategy, generals' egos and battles galore! So I'm a tad bit excited about that class, and also about my medieval Brit Lit class, which looks amazing. My one other class tomorrow is a US history survey course, which looks ridiculously easy compared to Messiah courses, but obviously, now that I've said that, I will fall on my face during the first exam.

And sadly, after a summer of getting to bed early and getting up early for work, I have almost effortlessly returned to the "procrastinate and stay up late" lifestyle, which is a testament to my true nature as a night owl, which is also very appropriate as the Temple mascot is the Owl!

More later on cities, jobs, and hmm...perhaps roommates? We shall see.