Friday, January 30, 2009


For those of you who reside in PA, OH or anywhere in between, please see this entry for any future encounters with snow.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

How is this possible?

Such a day I've had. Please be warned - the following can only be described as whining.

In the past week, I have had a total technology meltdown. All the days run together now, so I can't remember exactly when, but at some point, my computer display quit working. I am now fairly certain that the hard drive also quit, because I tried to connect it to a monitor, and nothing showed up. As a direct result of the computer death, my iPod must find another source of power. Also, at some point this week, my phone died even though I had charged it up the night before. It's better now though, so I think it just wanted a short break.

Saturday night, on my way back to campus, I noticed the the engine of my car was not too quick on the draw. I parked it (illegally) in front of my dorm and didn't think much of it. This morning, however, when I faithfully made my way outside in order to go to church, it refused to start at all, and the noises it made with each succeeding attempt were progressively more dismal. I called Campus Safety, who said I had to go sign out the battery jump start pack thing (I don't remember what they called it), so I walked to the Safety House. "Oh no!" they said. "You get those at Dispatch." Laughing (quite sincerely) at my mistake, I walked to Dispatch, where I obtained the slightly heavy thing and started my car without much difficulty. I parked the car in D Lot, where it's supposed to be, and continued on with my day. In a later conversation with my dad, we decided to just replace the battery, considering I'm going on a trip later this week and the current one happened to be nine years old. Definitely time for retirement.

So, I walked to D Lot once again, ready to drive to Sears, but alas, my poor Honda Civic couldn't even handle that. I headed back to Dispatch to get the thing, carried it back to D Lot, and started my car. From there to Sears was another adventure, as it involved returning the thing to Dispatch, and getting gas, so I wouldn't kill my car twice over. I didn't shut the car off at Dispatch, but I had to at the gas station, and there was a slight moment of fear when I turned the key. But no worries, as my car performed one last service for me and started with no trouble. I proceeded to Sears, where they kindly installed a Diehard Gold battery, and I successfully drove back to campus without the nagging fear that my car was going to suddenly shut off.

I should mention that during this week of technological failure, I have had relatively no entertainment. My computer is also my dvd player, and I have been shamefully deprived. I did read Northanger Abbey, though, and I think, with some reflection, it will become a favorite of mine. Tomorrow, I send the devil computer off to HP, with a whole list of maladies. Good riddance, say I! The only regret I have is that my iTunes library is slightly in jeopardy. I have it all on my iPod, but still, it makes me nervous. All my documents are safe, however.

I am now completely worn out and ready for this ordeal to be over. I think my next entry may be from the great state of Ohio (go bucks :)). Until then!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Quite

Nope, I haven't forgotten you just yet. Here's a list of important things I should talk about but need sleep too much to do so right now.
  • Barack Obama was inaugurated today as the first black President of the USA. A big deal.
  • JTerm is almost over (that's code for "Ohio is almost here!!!!!!!!").
  • I was working on my book list for the spring semester and my computer screen went all kinds of crazy. (MACBOOK??!!)
  • After I relocated to the computer lab, I scoured the Internet and succeeded in being a thrifty person and keeping the book list for 3 English classes, 1 History class and Intro to Wellness around (slightly under) $225. This is a ridiculous achievement, and I am, accordingly, ridiculously proud of it.
  • I'm about halfway through Northanger Abbey. It's a good book, but not matching up to Emma, Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility. Good news though - I am enjoying it far more than I did Mansfield Park.
So, that's how it is right now. When I get my computer fixed (or a new one - I so completely despise this computer; I practically look for opportunities to break it (except I didn't do it this time, promise). If you haven't heard the story, ask. It's a good one.), I will do a real blog post. So many good topics running through my head today (chapel - is world reconciliation feasible before the second coming of Christ?) (Obama - is leadership quality or policy more important in choosing a president?), but no time, and then, when time was gained, no computer. Anyways, that's it for now. Hopefully, my computer will decide to stop being stupid, because I really don't have time for its tantrums right now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun day

But before I get to that, two things.

1. I am an oddly amusing person. Or maybe I'm just odd. I was reading something I wrote a while ago where I used the word 'indescribable.' For about ten seconds, I thought that I had misspelled the word, and I cannot describe the thrill of terror that went through my veins.

2. Today was a fun, semi-busy day. Today, however, is the exception in Jterm. The rest is always monotony. For example, either Sunday or Monday afternoon - I can't remember which - I took my keyboard apart. My laptop keyboard. Although I did get an OCD-kind of joy from cleaning it, the fact that I actually have time to do this is testament to how much I am telling the truth when I complain about Jterm.

Okay, so today. I got a few minutes extra sleep because I subconsciously chose to ignore my alarm. Also my phone fell under my bed and it was on vibrate (accidentally), so I really couldn't help it. I wasn't very late to class, but it was nice to not be stressed about being late, particularly after a certain 8 AM theology class last semester. I spent the class kind of floating around doing random things that people needed me to do. I painted, I used the chopsaw, I power-stapled, and I retrieved shoes from the old schoolhouse which is, in fact, used by the theatre department as storage. It was nice to do different things, rather than spend all day on one project.

Also (wik), I met a few people from Philly for dinner, and it ended up being a kind of reunion, which was great! You always kind of associate people with the environment you met them in, and it was nice (and kind of weird) to hang out with some elsewhere. But we were in the union for close to 2 1/2 hours, and laughed a lot.

Also also (wik), American Idol is back! If you are a music major or if it is a serious part of your life at all, feel free to criticize the show, but for me, I love watching it, and its return was a great surprise. The auditions section at the beginning of the season is always the most awkward and uncomfortable, but I will gladly get through that to see the rest of the show.

Also also also* (wik), I have a two liter of Diet Coke in the room and it is all mine.

*Maybe three times is a little much. Apologies.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I know, I know, I've neglected you and I'm supremely sorry for it. There's no excuse, except I just didn't feel like it, so there.

Life is very boring right now. Add going from Philadelphia at Christmastime to Grantham in the dead of winter when half the already smallish student population is not there to the fact that my roommate (whom I haven't actually lived with yet) is also not here and the fact that I have absolutely no homework ever for my Jterm class and you get Utter Boredom.

So I've watched the first season of Friends in less than a week. Several movies. I'm almost done with a book which I should have finished long ago if it were not for the aforesaid Friends and movies. I also got a job on Friday, so hopefully that will take up more time. But it is only five hours a week. I need human contact outside of class!

Sorry, I'm very whiny, but I think I have good reason. And that may be all I feel like talking about right now. So bye!