Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Have Returned...

After a long, hot summer, hello again! I am back in the US, definitely missing the cool English weather. I am sure you are all desperate for another blog post, so have one on me!

After getting a flight back to Washington D. C., I started looking for a job and began my internship at Lee Hall Mansion. Eventually I found a job as a receptionist as a retirement community, which has been a source of both side-splitting amusement and watching-paint-dry boredom. At first I just needed a short break from the blog, but eventually that break evolved into a summer hiatus. After pouring my thoughts out not only in my blog but also in my academic writing, I was exhausted, and all the energy I had left went to deciding which Zelda game I would play that day. I decided that, after the incredible (life-changing?) term in Oxford, I needed to keep my thoughts to myself for a little while.

But no more! I am announcing the start of a series of posts concerning college life, titled The Life of an Almost-Adult. My senior year is a week away and I am absolutely terrified of life outside the Bubble, so why not spend some time remembering the things that make college so incredible? I will post once a week, depending on the degree of crazy my professors require of me (I'm with the conspiracy theorists on this one.). Here is a list of topics in no particular order:

-college illogicality                                     -college church culture

-professor hero worship                           -coming home

-cafeteria dining                                         -visitation hours

-GECs                                                          -freshman spotting

-study abroad                                            -senioritis

-classes (to sleep, or not to sleep?)         -off campus adventures

-Ring by Spring                                          -summer job hunting

-late night Disney movies                         -The Bubble (see all other topics) 

 (and other stress relievers)

Now, if we are very good friends and we've spent quite a lot of time together, you might have noticed something. I am a girl. And so, as you might feel, some of my proposed topics may have a little bit of that girly quality as well. If any male readers, or any readers at all really, think I've missed an important aspect of college life (or you just think my ideas are lame), please comment below!