Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Days

Well hello there. I've just finished a term at Oxford.

In a strange turn of events, I finished my last essay, my 'long essay,' a full two days before the due date. And almost 600 words above the maximum word count. That's never happened to me before! I didn't procrastinate. And I found I had more to say than they wanted to hear. Of course, I didn't cut anything out. That essay was crafted out of ...something creepy but not cliched. Fortunately, there was neither blood, sweat nor tears. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis' ghosts did drop by to see if they could offer any help.

Yesterday I was feeling very reluctant to go home, as you could probably tell by my last post, but well...then Iceland exploded.

Really! A volcano erupted, and now the sky over England is full of volcanic ash, making the airspace very dangerous, and all the flights have been cancelled! This could go on for days, depending on the weather, and even if the flights continue tomorrow or the next day, my flight (Monday) could be delayed. So I may not be going home as soon as I planned. And even if I do, all my friends who were leaving days earlier will be keeping me company. Isn't it wonderful?!

I've only got one thing between me and a four and 1/2 month summer. My long essay. I turned it in on Wednesday, but I have to edit it down from 16 pages to 10 for a contest I'm entering. If I win (which I probably won't), I get $500 and free registration/room/board for a literature conference at Taylor University in June! I really probably don't have a chance, but I figured someone other than my advisor should get to read this masterpiece.

Tomorrow: debriefing for SCIO and Addison's Walk. I'll tell you tomorrow what that is, because now I need to sleep.

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