Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Studying and Blogging in Epic Proportions

Hello! So, remember how I though 5th week was stressful? 6th week is even better!

Tonight will hopefully be an epic study session, interrupted periodically by the best distraction ever: figure-skating! So, in case you the reader were wondering what my study sessions look like, I've decided to keep a running blog tonight, recording what I'm reading, what I think about it (this might be a secret plan to make writing my paper easier. shhhh) and conversations that come up on a normal night of studying at Oxford. So, it's 19:30 (7:30 pm for you civilians) and I'm about to embark on an attempt to finish two papers by Friday afternoon, so I can enjoy Edinburgh this weekend. Ha, oh yeah, I'm going to Scotland!

Before we begin the Epic Blog Post of Doom, here's an example of how my night sometimes turns out:

Readers, you have been warned. Be prepared for what tonight may hold.

1950 Book: Women and Families: an oral history, 1940-1970, music: Master and Commander

UPDATE 1: 2130 hours
completed, music now Hidalgo.
Skiing is on the BBC now. I would close my eyes, but I need to keep reading. Also, I might fall asleep. So far on facebook, two people (Mom and Dave) have tried to distract me and only one, my darling Lana, has encouraged the continuation of studying. A teapot and mug now sit beside me, in the hopes that the sore throat I fear will be deterred. On to Sex, Politics & Society! countdown to ice skating: 3 hours

UPDATE 2: 2343 hours
Still on SPS, but I'm enjoying it. Finally found a historian who puts more emphasis on theory than statistics - AND he talks about Foucault! Yay Foucault! I can feel myself getting distracted though! After drinking a whole pot of tea, I needed something else in my stomach, so I got a slice of bread with nutella - definitely a good decision, but that put me in the kitchen where friends are - friends are not a good choice when trying not to get distracted. And then I was watching one of my favorite music videos...

Now I just want to watch more music videos and go buy music! Also not a good plan when avoiding distraction. I must continue! I will conquer all! Looking forward to figure skating in 40 minutes, when I will lay aside my history books and read That Hideous Strength so that I can write a paper on that as well.

UPDATE #3: 0317 hours
Music since last update: 1940s vol. 1, Little White Lie, now Olympics figure skating commentary
So, the figure-skating program is really, really long. Becuase it's been happening since 0030 and we're still not to the top-tier skaters. Luckily, I abandoned my multitasking and my computer to study without interruptions. So now I'm racing to finish SSP so I can go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and study more! Mostly what's happened since the last update is my friends laughing at me because I'm so tired and confused. Several times I've guessed what they've been talking about while I've been studying and been totally wrong, and then only vaguely disappointed that I still didn't know what was going on. You might be able to tell how tired I am by the run-on sentences. I know deep down that I am exhausted and could crash at any point, but I'm in the study mode and I need to keep going. Stand by for a conclusive update on my epic study session in the morning.

UPDATE #4: 1047 hours
Well, hello there. I am awake. Right now my plans are to read until I have to go to a meeting at 1430 and then go to the library afterwards. Last night was pretty typical of my study habits, and sadly, you missed out on some very funny conversations, but not the kind I can reproduce here. Bedtime was approximately 345 (is the military time annoying you too?) and I woke up at 930. Not too bad!

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